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Why Are Children of Color Constantly Losing the “Race to the Top?”

There are a number of indicators to suggest that race warrants the majority of our attention as we try to target a factor that is consistently shown to have a direct relationship with poor student achievement. Fact… all across this … Continue reading

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The Teacher-Student Socio-Cultural Gap

Historically speaking there was a time when children walked into classrooms, sat quietly, folded their arms, and eagerly participated in the acquisition of information being dispensed by the teacher. They did this for each and every teacher, regardless of subject … Continue reading

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The Contemporary Context of School Leadership

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 required schools and school districts to carefully examine the teaching and learning process and its relationship to poor performing students. Fast forward ten years to today. The public outcry is deafening as elected … Continue reading

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Introduction & Purpose

D & G Leadership is committed to advancing the exchange of ideas among those who lead schools; those who aspire to lead schools; and those who supervise/evaluate/train school leaders. Our goal is to reach 1 MILLION individuals who fall into … Continue reading

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